Urban Decay Projection

This project was developed based on the location of my thesis exhibition show. The building was an old warehouse that had been converted into artist studios and gallery spaces. Multiple locations were scouted around the building for the optimal surface. After considering the possibilities I chose a wall that had chipping paint, construction barriers, and other debris surrounding it.

The impression I had first when looking at the space was one of urban decay. The visuals I created for the project came from the idea of urban spaces. Looking at the wall in present time I imagined what the wall may have looked like when it was first built – pristine construction with well-maintained surroundings. I then wondered about what the future held for this space. Would it continue to stand and be left to decay? Would it be restored to its former glory? Or will it be destroyed and turned into something new.

My mind began to widen to other sites across the globe. What will be the fate of these places? Will they be lost over time and become a forgotten memory? The purpose of my projection was to serve as a rebirth for decaying spaces. Considering city spaces such as these to be modern ruins of sorts, my intention was to create visuals which would reinvigorate the space for the brief period in which I was projecting on it. I looked to celebrate the history of decaying spaces as well as imagine what the future could hold for them as well.

Music was produced and performed by John Keston.  http://audiocookbook.org/