So who is Good Boy Bryan?

My name is Bryan Clendenen. I am a graphic designer, photographer, retoucher, and educator based in the Southeast. You might have looked twice at the site’s URL and wondered, “Why Good Boy Bryan?” Well, it all started when I was working at my first agency job. There was an account executive that was pretty enthusiastic about clients’ work. They would check in often to see how work was progressing. When pleased, they would respond with “Good boy.” I would laugh and think to myself, “Why does it sound as though they are talking to a dog?” Then I thought this works brilliantly for me. I work hard, am obedient and loyal…yeah, this is something I should embrace. And so I did.

Visual design has always fascinated me. As a graphic designer, I have enjoyed exploring how text and images can be combined to create powerful messages. I continued to explore visual design through motion media and projection mapping onto 3D surfaces. Now my interest includes being behind the camera…exploring compositions and concepts through the use of light and creativity. My primary focus is teaching younger generations to explore their creative endeavors through digital techniques. But in my spare time, I continue to explore my interests in design and photography.