So who is Good Boy Bryan?

My name is Bryan Clendenen, and I’m a graphic designer, photographer, retoucher, and educator based in the Southeast. If you’re curious about the name of my website, “Good Boy Bryan,” let me share its origin. It traces back to my first agency job, where an enthusiastic account executive often monitored our work. When impressed, their usual compliment was “Good boy.” Initially, it struck me as odd—almost as if they were addressing a pet. However, I realized this phrase encapsulated qualities like hard work, obedience, and loyalty—traits I embody. So, I embraced it.

I’ve always been captivated by visual design. My journey as a graphic designer has allowed me to delve into the synergy of text and images to craft impactful messages. My explorations have expanded into motion media and projection mapping onto 3D surfaces. More recently, I’ve ventured behind the camera, experimenting with lighting and creative concepts to enhance compositions. My primary goal is to mentor the next generation, helping them harness digital techniques to unleash their creativity. In my downtime, I continue to pursue my passion for design and photography.